Monday, 15 January 2018

Fenty Beauty | is it really worth the hype?

If you haven’t heard of Fenty Beauty by now then clearly you’ve been living under a rock. Fenty, owned and created by Rihanna, was officially launched on 9th July 2017. The first drop of products included foundations, concealers, highlighters, lipglosses and makeup brushes to name a few. 

Of course, being the big makeup junkie I am, I had to buy her most talked about product being the Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Foundation. Rihanna didn’t disappoint her fans by coming out with 40 shades of foundation in her first drop creating an all inclusive brand which everyone went crazy for. The biggest downfall, in my opinion, if having Fenty Beauty exclusive to Harvey Nichols in the UK with a flat rate standard delivery of £6 and not-so-easy store to get to in central London where you apparently have to queue and have a consultation before buying, it’s not the easiest brand to get ahold of. However, I still took the bullet and ordered. 

After several Google searches for swatches I finally settled for the shade 110. The Pro Filt’r Foundation is described as ‘soft matte’ and ‘longwear’ with a ‘buildable medium to full coverage’. It claims to give skin an ‘instantly smooth, pore-diffused, shine-free finish’. Time to put it to the test.

The packaging is beautiful and I feel it reflects Rihanna well as a brand with the bottle looking and feeling luxurious. The product itself wasn’t what I expecting. I wouldn’t say the Pro Filt’r Foundation is full coverage at all and I really struggled to get it to one. The colour was an exact match however oxidised so much throughout the day it looked patchy, orange and cakey. I certainly didn’t have an instantly smoothed, pore-diffused look as described. True to the blogger-sphere word it is an incredibly quick drying foundation making it hard to blend and meaning, for me, application was rushed. And trust me, when you’ve got your music blaring and rollers in, you don’t want to be rushed!

Next comes the Lip Stunna Lip Paint I purchased. Rihanna’s first liquid lipstick and it had to be red. Everyone knows no one can rock a red lip quite like RiRi but what’s the harm in giving it a go, right? Once again, the packaging is absolutely beautiful, feeling and looking luxurious. The longwear fluid lip colour looked as stunning on the lips as it did in the bottle with the wand being the perfect shape and size for smooth, perfect application. It certainly lives up to its 12 hour wear claim as it was a bugger to get off but I can live with that if I’m able to have a flawless red lip all day that doesn’t even budge whilst shoving a sandwich in your mouth on your lunch break. My lips did feel slightly dry after wearing this but I think that’s more of a ‘me issue’ than anything else and nothing a bit of Carmex beforehand won’t fix. 

After putting both products to the test, it has to be said that I unfortunately won’t be wearing the foundation again. I’ve heard many mixed reviews with plenty of people loving it but it wasn’t for me. I will be sticking to my LancĂ´me Teint Idole Ultra Wear which is my long standing holy grail! I think the Pro Filt’r Foundation would be perfect for makeup looks for YouTube tutorials/Instagram makeup pictures but for me, it just isn’t quite right for everyday use. On the other hand, the Lip Stunna Lip Paint is certainly one I often pick up when I’m feeling a red lip and I couldn’t recommend enough, and who knows, the foundation may not have worked for me but it could be perfect for you.

Until Rihanna branches her brand out into other stores that don’t charge an extortionate amount for delivery, it’s safe to say I won’t be trying her products again anytime soon... even if that Killerwatt highlighter does look brighter than my future...

Comment below if you’ve tried Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty range and what you thought of it and head on over to my Instagram @ellendavisx to see pics of the products and swatches!

Until next time...

Elle x 

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