Thursday, 2 November 2017

Positivity | Mind, Body and Soul

In a world full of heartache, sadness and anger it’s increasingly hard to look through the negatives thrown your way and view them in a positive light.

Think of the last negative thing that happened to you. Whether that be missing the bus, having an argument with a loved one, your boss moaning at you at work... how did you deal with it? There’s two ways you could have dealt with it. 1. You accepted what has happened but refuse to let it interfere with your day and instead looked past it and seen the positive effects that may come from this and show you how to do things differently in the future. 2. You got the hump, you’re moody as fuck, you’ve had a face like a slapped ass all day and moaned constantly about your burdens in life. And I can guarantee it was the latter. 

For me, it was always the latter. I used to be such an outgoing, happy, young woman that everyone always wanted around then a year ago, it was like someone flipped the switch and I became this dull, boring as fuck, negative Nancy that no one wanted to be around. 

Being a negative person doesn’t just ruin your own day, your own outlook on life and things that come your way but it ruins everybody’s around you too. I can easily list minimum 5 people in my life who quite literally drain the life out of me. They never have anything good to say or if they do it always has to be followed by five thousands negative thoughts. It’s not healthy. It’s not normal. It is not okay. After realising I was becoming one of this mosquitos, sucking out everyone’s good vibes, I decided to make a conscious decision to change this and get back to happy, outgoing, positive old me but even better this time. 

It is a lot harder to go through life and be happy and positive all the time than to be negative.  I mean, of course it is, you know that. It’s so much easier to sit there and moan about every little damn thing and how life owes you some kind of gratification for all this bullshit. And that’s exactly what that is, bullshit. 

At the end of every day I pull up the notes in my phone and I list 3 things that have made me happy/feel good/glad I’m alive. Just 3. So damn simple but so damn effective. It opens up your eyes, it makes you really think about your life and pick apart your day. I don’t even notice the negative things that may have happened anymore. It’s that “oh well” kinda attitude and I get over it. Most days I actually struggle to think of only 3 things to choose. I’m going to keep on doing this for as long as possible and at any given moment I can pick up my phone look through my notes and see all the amazing people and things I have going on in my life.

Evaluate, reflect and think logically about everything that happens day to day and watch how your whole outlook on life changes. It’s amazing. I haven’t been doing it for that long and I’ve already noticed huge changes. People are gravitating towards me whether it’s to chat or hang out and I go to bed feeling happy every night. No more ‘shit days’, ‘bad days’, ‘just want to stay in bed days’, no more surrounding myself with negative, draining people whether that be family, loved one, friends acquaintances. I’m all about good days, great days, getting my ass up as soon as the sun rises and making every moment in every day count, great people, happy people, go-getters and positive vibes.

Misery loves company. Don’t let it be yours.

Elle x 

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