Friday, 6 October 2017

Christmas Chaos

Yes, yes I know what you’re thinking. Why is she talking about Christmas when we haven’t even got through Halloween yet? I’ll tell you why. 

From as early as August big stores such as Harrods and Selfridges start plastering their shop floors and websites with everything Christmas. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am a huge lover of everything Christmas but every year, it seems to start earlier and earlier and the cost just continues to rise.

If you think about it, how many people realistically celebrate Christmas for religious purposes and not just for the purpose of gift giving and over indulging? Not many. And this is exactly what corporations play on. I am one of the least religious people you will ever come across however I do still celebrate Christmas for those exact reasons I just stated, gift giving and over indulging. So, yes. I too, have been sucked into the big money-spending corporation that we call Christmas.

I’m not saying there’s necessarily anything wrong with that either. We all do exactly the same for Easter, Valentine’s Day, Shrove Tuesday and so on... not because we want to celebrate those days but maybe more for the fact we feel like we have to. Because if we don’t, we won’t be following what society wants us to do, we won’t fit in and we will certainly get major FOMO.

Think about it. How many times have you been rushing round the shops in the lead up to Christmas grabbing anything and everything off the shelves. “3 for 2 on complete an utter shit that no one actually wants? Perfect! I’ll take 12!” We’ve all done it. We all get sucked in. There’s nothing wrong with spending money and treating the ones we love but it’s also important to see the bigger picture of it all. Why would you spend £600 (sounds OTT but it all adds up) on everyone over Christmas on tat that no one really wants/needs when that’s more than half your monthly wage? And even if that’s only 1/4 of your monthly wage then why the hell are you wasting it anyway?! 

And let me make this clear, there is absolutely nothing wrong with gift-giving over the Christmas holidays. I love to do it myself. I absolutely love buying thoughtful gifts for the ones I love and put smiles on their faces but be smart about it. Don’t over spend. Don’t buy what you can’t afford. Don’t have pennies left at the end of the month because you’ve spent more than you can afford on gifts that people might not even want. Don’t get sucked into the offers that are constantly plastered over the TV, radio, shops, magazines and newspapers that aren’t actually offers at all as you end up buying more and spending more just to save 3 quid on stuff you didn’t want in the first place.

One thing I love doing is to use Christmas as an opportunity to buy people experiences that I know they would love to do but would never book themselves rather than give materialistic items. Giving someone the gift of an experience you know they’ll love will not only be so much nicer to receive on the day but will also create memories for the future instead of something that will just get pushed to the back of the wardrobe in a months time. 

I guess the whole point of this post is to realise that’s it absolutely fine to enjoy Christmas, to over indulge and enjoy yourself but just don’t over spend. Really think about the presents you want to buy. Spread the cost of buying gifts over a couple months, looks for discount codes, offers (the good kind not the ones that don’t actually save you anything) and most importantly, budget. I’ve already completed over half my Christmas shopping and I’ve made sure I’ve got the best deals possible, budgeted it all and saved myself plently of money whilst still buying amazing gifts for the ones I love.

Another important point to make is to not just think of yourself and the ones you love at Christmas but also the ones who have no one to love them. The homeless, elderly who don’t have family/live on their own and those that can’t even afford a Christmas dinner. I will be helping in whatever way I can by taking food to food banks and looking into making Christmas Boxes filled with toys/food/clothes and so on for those that need it most. If anyone reading knows of any charities who do this kind of thing or even if you’d want to join me in helping then please don’t hesitate to contact me through any means on my ‘Contact’ page at the top of my blog. 

So, remember. Eat lots, enjoy the festive period and make plenty of amazing memories but do give gifts without over spending and damaging the bank account and help those around who are less fortunate to have a magical Christmas too.

Thank you for reading 

Elle x

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