Friday, 8 September 2017

Mind Your P's & Q's

Mind your P's and Q's.

Definition: Mind your Ps and Qs is an English expression meaning "mind your manners", "mind your language", "be on your best behaviour" or similar. 

Hard to comprehend? Didn't think so.

From when we are blabbering, drooling, shitting machines we are taught manners, politeness. So, why the fuck are adults so rude? 

I have worked in retail for over 5 years and have always loved the interaction with customers. Loyalty is built up, friendships are made, stories are told and shoulders are cried on. It can be the most rewarding environment to be in. You're in such a powerful position to turn someone's day around and truly make them happy. 

But, lets not carried away. In reality, working in retail is no longer like this. People are rude as fuck. We get shouted at, moaned at, sarcastic comments made, belittling, patronising wankers shitting all over our day. And why? Because quite clearly we are dumb blondes who can apply a bit of lippy but know nothing about the world and have nothing better to do then to bow down to these said people who are, of course, of much superior stature.

I, myself, am a feisty, potty-mouthed, sarcastic fuck who won't take shit from anybody but chuck a uniform on and that has to be switched off quicker than the porn you had up before your mum walked in. It's kind of ironic though, isn't it? How I quote the definition of "Mind your P's and Q's" then swear my way through a blog post. But that's the point. It's not about swearing, if anything, I encourage it (unless it's at me then fuck you, too!). It's not about being on your best behaviour either. It's simply about not being an asshole to those who work in retail, or anyone, ever. There is no need. It cannot be justified. 

So, all in all. Time to wrap up (I'm a tired and need to watch more Modern Family to be completely honest). The point is, be polite. That girl or guy who is stood behind the counter works long hours, standing all day, getting shit pay and moaned at day in day out for not smiling enough or being 5 quid off target. No, it's not the most demanding job in the world but it isn't the easiest either. You, as the consumer, can make our day a million times better just by saying "please" and "thank you" and responding when we say "hello, how are you?" Instead of a hand shoved in our face, products snatched from us and the drama that unfolds when something is out of stock or someone is on break. I mean, how dare we have time to eat and pee, right!? 

And believe me, the rumours are true. If you are rude, you will be made into a mockery to every colleague, family member, boyfriend, girlfriend, dog, cat and old lady at the bus stop that we come in contact with. But if you are simply polite, we will go out of our way to ensure you have the best service and experience possible.

Spread kindness not asshole-like tendencies!


Elle x 

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