Thursday, 21 September 2017

Chop To Your Chin | Little Princess Trust | Part 1

National ‘Chop To Your Chin’ Day

GHD have partnershipped with the Little Princess Trust to launch a nationwide campaign encouraging everyone to ‘Chop To Your Chin’. Throughout September and October both the charity and GHD are encouraging those with long hair to chop it off in order to make a little Princess feel a million dollars with a (free) wig.

Hair is such a personal thing especially for a girl or woman. It’s a way to express yourself through style, cut and colour. Whether you rock a messy bun, a pixi cut or long flowing locks, your hair is completely personal to you. 

For a lot of girls and women the thought of cutting off their long locks gives them ultimate fear but I couldn’t think of anything more exciting to do knowing that my hair will be made into wigs for little girls who have lost theirs through Cancer and other diseases. These wigs are not only handmade they are also free. There is a constant demand for hair donations so no matter what gender or age you may be if you fancy a change whilst doing something amazing then click on the link below to find out more and how you can partake in September/October.

I will be having my haircut at my local salon La Belle at 2.30pm and will be posting all the pictures up on a separate blog post later today. 

If you have long hair and could cut off 7 inches or more then please consider taking part in such an amazing opportunity to make a little Princess’s day enabling her to swish her hair once again. And let’s get real, it’s hair. It grows. It will be long once more. And what better time to get a new do than the transition into Autumn/Winter?!


My shorter locks will see you later today...

Elle x 

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