Friday, 29 January 2016

It's Time To Get POREfessional | Benefit Cosmetics

One of the most exciting things about working for Benefit Cosmetics is when new products are launched and we can get our hands on them and try them out before they go on sale.

If you've heard of the POREfessional Primer (if not, where have you been hiding?) you would know its the best primer in the UK as it is the number 1 best seller. Alongside the primer we have the POREfessional Agent Zero Shine Powder and the POREfessional License to Blot blotting stick. These products are best known for banishing shine and leaving you oil-free all day. 

Now, exciting times ahead shiny gals and guys as Benefit have now launched two new members to the POREfessional family. Say hello to the POREfessional Matte Rescue and POREfessional Instant Wipeout Masks.

The POREfessional Matte Rescue is an invisible-finish mattifying gel that absorbs excess surface oil, leaving a natural-looking matte finish. One of the main ingredients in Matte Rescue is diamond powder which is known for its soft-focus blurring effects as it instantly minimises the look of pores.

An amazing little tool Benefit have also bought out alongside the Matte Rescue is the Matte Rescue Shine Level Test.

This allows you to hold 'test 1' against your shiny areas (nose, chin, forehead) for a few seconds to see how shiny your skin really is. You then apply Matte Rescue to said area and then go back with 'test 2' to check your shine levels again. Matte Rescue is fantastic and it does exactly what it says its going to do. The gel feels cool and refreshing on the skin and will be definitely be a part of my daily routine. Teaming the gel followed by the primer really would create the most flawless, shine free base for your make up and throughout the day. Alternatively, if you don't wear make up, fear not as the gel can be worn on its own to banish away those pesky pores and can even double up as a moisturiser as it also helps to maintain skin moisture.

My test 1 showing high shine before any products were applied and test 2 showing low shine after Matte Rescue was applied.

Next up is the new POREfessional Instant Wipeout Masks. The masks are duel-sided which cleans out and smoothes the look of pores around your nose, forehead and chin. The box contains 8 masks and you are advised to use them once to twice a week meaning they would last you a minimum of a month.

The masks come in packaging which I've never seen before containing a 'press' button which you must press to release the serum into the mask before you open it. I love this idea as for me it just feels a lot more fresh. Once the pore serum has been released, you can peel back the corner and apply the mask, smoother side down, to the problem area. After 10 minutes you then remove the mask and use the other side to wipe over the area meaning there is no need to rinse or wash your face after. Mess free - perfect!

The masks contain mushroom extract which is known to clarify pores and the masks do exactly that. Just like the Matte Rescue, they feel cool and refreshing on the face and actually feel like they are doing something. My pores were almost non-existent after using the mask and my skin felt soo smooth and soft. 

Of course, I may be a little biased as I work for Benefit Cosmetics but these products really are amazing and with the Matte Rescue retailing at £21.50 and the Instant Wipeout Masks at £24.50, you really can't go wrong and I would thoroughly recommend these to anyone!

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