Saturday, 3 October 2015

Strobing | My Top 4 Products

Just like many trends in the beauty world they pop out of no where and take over. Everywhere you look whether it be in magazines, online or advertising campaigns, everyone wants in on the new thing. One of those latest trends being 'Strobing' or otherwise known as 'Highlighting'.

Highlighting and strobing first became more popular with the rise of contouring throughout the beauty world where everyone wants chiselled jaw lines, cheeks that pop and that natural Summer glow.

Makeup Revolution's Triple Baked Highlighter under the brows and across the cheekbones
Naturally, with a new beauty trend continuously on the rise, so are the products to go with it. Where do you start? With high end, premium products or drug store products on a budget? It can almost become overwhelming when deciding what products might be best for to use in order to end up with a natural glow instead of looking more like an 80's disco ball. So, luckily for you, I have tried and tested many products and here are my top 4 for perfecting the strobing trend.

1) Makeup Revolution's I Heart Makeup Goddess of Love Triple Baked Highlighter
Wow, that was a mouth full! Nonetheless, this highlighter is perfect especially for beginners. It is a powdered highlighter and is a dupe of the Too Faced heart products but unlike the hefty price tag this one comes in at just £4.99. Like all other Makeup Revolution products this is of such high quality and will last you forever as you get so much for such a small price. This highlighter creates the perfect subtle shimmer and looks so beautiful on the tops of my cheek bones, under my brows and down the top half of the bridge of my nose.

2) Benefit's Watt's Up!
I have had this product sitting in my makeup box for god knows how long and ironically dug it out when the strobing trend started and I wanted to experiment. This highlighter comes in cute packaging (as always with Benefit) and also has a brush which you can use to blend the highlighter into the skin which is really handy. Watt's Up! has more of a golden glow which I believe would look beautiful on skin tone and looks perfect even when it is blended over makeup. Now, I haven't tried the whole contouring-of-the-boobs-kinda-thing but the texture and consistency of this product makes me believe it would be perfect for the job. Watt's Up comes in at £24.50 but like always with Benefit, you get what you pay for!

3) Benefit's High Beam:
Yes, another one from Benefit I'm afraid! I have used High Beam since it first hit the Benefit stands and have loved it ever since. High Beam has a more liquid texture but blends beautifully on the skin. I had *ahem* misplaced my full sized High Beam but this is one I got within a makeup set I bought a while back. I don't tend to use this highlighter on my cheeks but I love dabbing this under my brows along the brown bone, down the bridge of my nose and above my cupid's bow. High Beam retails at £19.50.

4) Rimmel London's Good to Glow in 001 Notting Hill Glow:
I must admit, I had only picked this highlighter up as I was repurchasing my favourite foundation and Rimmel's products were two for £10 so I thought why not!? I'm so glad I picked this up as it is just sooo pretty on the skin. I think this shade of highlighter would definitely suit us paler girls better but they also do a gorgeous golden shade which would compliment darker skin tones beautifully. This is a lightweight, liquid texture and looks great in all the areas you would want to have a glow. The only thing I would say for this highlighter is to build it up slowly and remember less is more! Rimmel's Good to Glow comes in at £4.99.

Highlighters shown in numerical order
Comment below your favourite highlighters to use and whether or not you love the strobing trend.


  1. This is a great post, I love using the Benefit High Beam Highlighter but I might try one of there other products now!

    Love Millylovesmakeup

  2. Thanks Milly, yeah definitely watts up a go, it's so stunning! Xx

  3. I love a good highlight but haven't tried any of these products yet ! Thanks for the tips, now which one to choose ?!

    Almost Everything