Friday, 2 October 2015

Smashbox | Femme Fatale Matte

I am a huge lover of lipsticks. You'd rarely find me without a bit of colour on my lips and Autumn is the perfect season to start wearing darker, bolder colours. 

My favourite Autumnal colour would have to be purple. My top purple lipstick I own would have to be MAC's Rebel which I wore religiously last year but that has now all changed as I have found my new favourite...

Smashbox's Femme Fatale Matte lipstick is my new go-to Autumnal shade. I have always been a fan of Smashbox lipsticks including my all time favourite Pretty Social. I was browsing around in my local Boots store a few weeks ago and started swatching colours when I came across this little beauty. 

When you swatch this lippy on your hand it almost looks more pink than purple which can be a bit deceiving but it is the perfect purple shade with slightly pink undertones to suit any skin tone. It does remind me a bit of MAC's Rebel when on the lips but I much prefer the colouring of Femme Fatale and you can build up colour so easily for a much darker look. I have also found that compared with MAC's Rebel this is soo much easier to remove and doesn't stain your lips either. 

I will most definitely be wearing Femme Fatale throughout the Autumn and Winter months and would love to know your go-to Autumnal shades too and any you could recommend to me!


  1. This lipstick looks insanely beautiful on you! I need to swatch it ASAP! :) xx

    1. Thank you so much! You definitely should, it's an amazing colour! Xx

  2. I absolutely love Rebel by MAC but I agree the staining issue is so annoying. I might have to give this a try xx

  3. This is such a strong, rich colour ! I love it.

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