Monday, 5 October 2015

Motivational Monday | My Day

"Dear Monday,

Thanks for having the word 'mon' in you. That's French for 'mine', in case you weren't aware, Monday, but it makes me think of you more as 'my day', and frankly that sounds like a much more promising start to the week!"


Monday. That one small, six lettered word that fills you with fear every single week. 

But why? Yes, many of you lucky ones have had a two-day break from all the madness but what makes Monday so bad compared to all the other days of the week? 

People are constantly living for Friday, living for the weekend, living just to wish their life away. 

We need to learn to stop living this way because we're rushing through life with no real care or time to appreciate the good things in life. It's time to start waking up not just on Monday's but every day of the week knowing that your happiness, success and everything else that gets thrown at you in life is all down to you and only you can be held responsible.

It's time to start living life to the full and getting the most out of every day possible because if you put your mind to it you can achieve all your goals and dreams. You don't want to look back on your life thinking "I wish I did...", "I should have done ... when I had the chance". You want to be looking back on your life being thankful of how much you did and what you achieved.

"Nothing is impossible, even the word itself says 'I'm possible".

Now, time to get off the internet (until its time to read my next post, tomorrow, of course) and grab today with both hands to ensure you have a great and very productive start to the week!

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