Sunday, 4 October 2015

Autumn Picks | Wish List

I do love a good wish list and its mostly due to the fact I'm constantly finding things I love and would love to have. So, here are my Autumn picks for this month's wish list...

These are soo cute and I adore them! I would love to have these in my AW wardrobe!

I don't have any capes in my wardrobe and I feel this would be perfect for those days when it's warm out but you still need to cover up.

3. Yankee Candle Small Jar in Pink Dragon Fruit & Snow in Love £7.99:
I had these two Yankee candle melts last year and I love having them burning whilst I was relaxing in my room. They always leave your room smelling lovely the day after too. This year I'd love to get the small jars as I can then change up what scent I would like each day instead of waiting for one melt to run out before I can use the other.

I can't remember the last time I purchased a nail varnish. I'm all about the dark colours in AW and I love the look of this! I've always used Barry M products and am a huge fan of the gelly hi shine range as its like a proper gel manicure minus the price tag!

Black. Glitter. Heels. Need I say more?

My feet are constantly cold and one of the worst things in the morning is waking up and walking on freezing cold tiles in the bathroom and kitchen. I need to invest into slippers this year.

This is honestly one of the nicest, cosiest, softest dressing gowns I've ever seen/felt! It's soo gorgeous and of course, it would have to be black!

Let me know if you like any of my Autumn picks and what's on your wish list this month.

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