Friday, 25 September 2015

Top 3 Concealers | Fair Skin

If you're anything like me then you are super pale and love your skin but when it comes to matching the correct make up shades to your skin tone, it turns into a nightmare!

We all have that 'mistake draw'. The draw where countless beauty products and make up pile up over the months or even years when the product didn't quite live up to your expectations but you just can't bare to throw anything out even though you've only used it once or twice and it is never to be seen again.

My 'mistake draw' is ridiculously big. From bath products, creams, hair treatments to make up, it has it all! The reoccurring products that do tend to keep popping up are concealers. I have tried near enough every brand and shade of concealer under the sun and almost all of them are either too dark, too orange or patchy. 

It seems many brands and companies nowadays tend to focus on the darker skin tones, which is amazing for your gorgeous tanned/darker-skinned/Afro-Caribbean ladies but us pale girls tend to get forgotten about. However, after many goes of trial and error I have found my top 3 concealers for pale skin.

My first concealer is the Rimmel London Lasting Finish concealer in 010 Porcelain. I have been using the Rimmel London Lasting Finish foundation in Light Porcelain for about a year now so decided to give the concealer a go too. The packaging states the concealer 'conceals dark circles, imperfections and discolourations. Lasts all day' and it does just that! It has a creamy texture and is easy to apply. It covers all my blemishes and pesky dark circles without becoming patchy or orange on the skin. It is a perfect match for my skin tone, lasts all day long and I also find it to be very brightening around the eyes. The concealer retails at £5.49 which I think is relatively cheap and is definitely worth every penny!

My second go-to concealer is the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in Fair #1. The packaging states it is the 'ultimate wear concealer. Conceals flaws and blemishes for up to 16 hours'. I would have to disagree that this concealer lasts up to 16 hours as I feel I sometimes need to top up, however, for the price you really can't go wrong. Again, it matches my skin tone perfectly and really brightens up my eyes which is exactly what I want from a concealer as I hate my dark circles. Although I find it can go slightly patchy if you get a bit hot and sweaty but aside from that I can't fault it. The applicator is a great feature for this as well because unlike the other concealers, you don't have to keep sticking your fingers back into the product worrying about germs and bacteria from spots and your hands getting back into the product. A great little concealer that certainly won't break the bank at £3.99.

My third and final concealer I love for pale skin is Benefit's Erase Paste in No. 1 Fair. The concealer states its a 'brightening camouflage for eyes & face'. This has a really rich, creamy texture which I love and as you can see is very well used! It hides and brightens my dark circles perfectly and is also great to dab on spots and blemishes to cover those up too. The Erase Paste doesn't state it lasts all day but I find it can last hours on end no matter what you're doing. My only downside to this concealer is it can be a bit orangey looking if it is not blended in well enough however if you know how to blend then you're good to go! This is one of the more high-end concealers I use at £20.50.

From L-R: Rimmel Lasting Finish, Benefit Erase Paste, Collection Lasting Perfection.
Let me know if you've used these products or have any others you could recommend.

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  1. The collection concealer is my ultimate fav, most of the time I just wear that alone without foundation because the coverage is amazing and for a bargain price! :) Great picks!