Monday, 29 September 2014

My New Best Friend

A few months ago I was watching one of my favourite Youtubers - Lauren Curtis - and she started talking about the Clarisonic and how it helped sort out her skin. It looked amazing and I read many reviews where people were swearing by this little facial cleanser and I was really considering getting one. Until I saw the price tag. A Clarisonic can range from £99 to £179 and while I would pay a good price for something to help my skin, for me, it was out of my price range.

However, every cloud has a silver lining as I found out about the new facial cleansing brush on the market - the Magnitone. I hadn't heard a lot about the Magnitone but like always I spent a good amount of time reading about the product and looking at reviews on different websites online. The Magnitone seemed just as good as the Clarisonic and at a more affordable price of £69.99.


I went to Olympia Beauty last Monday and picked up a pink Magnitone Lucid for a special show offer of just £49.99 along with two replacement heads for £10 which usually retail at £15 and the lovely man also gave me a travel case for free - bargain! The Magnitone promises to "leave you with softer, brighter & clearer skin in just 7 days" so I decided I would test it out for a week and let you know my results!


The overall texture of my skin is pretty good and smooth, however, I have blackheads on my nose and chin with an oily T-Zone. I can get blemishes/spots on my chin which are usually just due to hormones.

Day 1: The Magnitone Lucid has a normal setting and a sensitive setting. I decided to use the sensitive setting until my skin gets used to the cleanser. I removed my eye make up and decided to see how well it removed the rest of my make up. It removed a lot of my foundation but I felt my skin wasn't completely clean although it did seem to clear out some blackheads on my nose.

Day 2: I was excited to use my Magnitone this morning. Again, I used the sensitive setting and my skin felt so soft after I used it. The blackheads on my nose and chin looked a lot better. In the evening I removed all my make up and then cleansed my face. I was shocked at how much make up was left on the brush head after cleansing - all these years going to bed with make up still in my pores, yuckkk!! My face felt so clean and my moisturiser seemed to absorb better too.

Day 3: I woke up and my skin felt so good and even better after I cleansed in the morning. My pores on my nose and chin are starting to look a lot smaller and my skin just feels so soft and fresh! I usually always have make up on but I felt good enough about my skin to go out for the day without any make up on at all! Once again, I cleansed in the evening before bed and I keep feeling happier with the way my skin is looking.

Day 4: Breakout! Arghhhh! When I woke up, I thought my cute little Lucid could be causing the spots but turns out its due to hormones. I cleansed in the morning and I've started to notice how smoothly my foundation is going on. My make up looks more flawless and my pores are definitely less visible. After removing my make up in the evening, I cleansed my face and went to bed with fresh feeling skin.

Day 5: Mount Everest the Second has decided to grow on my chin - joys! Despite having a giant red spot glaring back at me in the mirror, I am so happy with my skin especially as the dreaded blackheads seem to be disappearing more each day! I also love having a proper skin care routine now and can never not be bothered to cleanse my face properly. I used the Magnitone in the morning and evening and my skin is still improving with no signs of irritation. 

Day 6Hooray my spot is disappearing and I'm convinced my Lucid has helped with that! Once again I cleansed in the morning and before bedtime and my skin is just looking fresher and clearer each day. I tried out the non-sensitive setting on the Lucid this evening and despite my skin not being sensitive I did find it a little too rough but that may be because I'm not used to it. Pores and blackheads are still less visible and my T-Zone seems less oily during the day.

Day 7: Day 7 has arrived and I am so impressed with my Lucid, I can't fault it! My skin is looking better and clearer each day with pores becoming less visible, make up gliding on more smoothly and my skin looking fresher. I feel so much more confident without make up now and I can't wait to see how my skin will look after regularly use every day! 

The head is can be easily removed to clean it

The brush flashes red when it it charging and is a solid red once full charge has been reached

The charger is magnetic which then connects to the wire/plug

As you can see, I don't have a bad word to say about my Magnitone and I can't rate it highly enough. Whether you have "bad skin" or not, this will still help your skin texture massively and it is amazing at clearing blackheads which countless blackhead strips will never be able to remove. The great thing about the Magnitone Lucid is that you can use any cleanser with it - I currently use the Simple Kind to Skin Facial Wash - and it is travel size so you can take it anywhere you go as well. All I can say is thank you Magnitone for finding me my new best friend and giving me clearer, fresher looking skin!

Let me know in the comments if you have tried the Magnitone or even the Clarisonic and what your results were like. I'd also love to know what facial washes and moisturisers you all use!

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