Friday, 8 August 2014

Nailed It!

Hi everyone,

As I am starting a Beauty Therapy course next month I have been looking at LED nail lamps to purchase for both personal use and to treat others to gel manicures. I have read so many great reviews on the Sensationail kits and planned to get one after pay day however I was lucky enough to grab the Deluxe Pink Chiffon Sensationail Starter Kit for £45 instead of the usual price of £69.99. The kit included: 1 x Pink Chiffon gel nail polish 3.69ml, gel primer 3.54ml, base/topcoat 3.69ml, gel cleanser 14.6ml, 12 x lint free wipes, double-sided nail buffer, manicure stick, Pro 3060 LED nail lamp and a how-to booklet.

I was really looking forward to receiving my starter kit and couldn't wait to try it out. As well as purchasing the starter kit, I also purchased three gel colours - Ride the Wave, Rose Gold Glitter and Meteor Shower. (All colours are £12.50 and most you are able to get a free accessory - I got a dotting tool, nail buffer and lint free wipes that are usually £10).

Getting started with the kit couldn't have been easier! The instructions were simple and easy to understand and all I had to do to the lamp was plug it in and turn it on. I first had to file and buff my nails and then wipe them with the gel cleanser and lint free wipes. After I shaped and cleaned my nails I applied the gel primer around the edges to all my nails and let it air dry which simply just makes it easier to remove the gel. Like a normal manicure, I then applied the base coat and cured it under the lamp for 30 secs. I then applied my first coat of colour, cured for 60 secs, applied the second coat and cured for 60 secs once again. After the colour was finished, I applied a topcoat and cured it for 30 secs. Once I had finished my gel manicure, I then used the gel cleanser and lint free wipes on all my nails to remove the layer of moisture and taa daaah... My gel manicure was complete!

I was pleasantly surprised with how hassle free and quick it was to complete a gel manicure. Its great to have a manicure done and completely dry without waking up to smudged nails hours later! Sensationail state that the gel manicures can last for up to 2 weeks and stay chip free. So far, my nails are still in perfect condition and look fab. I can't wait to try out the other colours I purchased and I already have a wishlist for lots of other colours to get! 

I have not yet purchased any of the removal kits from Sensationail which I will do soon, but the gel manicures can also be removed by just soaking them in acetone so I hope they are as easy to remove as they are to put on! 10/10 for Sensationail!


  1. I want to buy a gel starter kit too! Where did you get this one so cheaply from? xx

    1. I purchased this directly from Sensationail. They were doing an offer on the starter kit so it was slightly cheaper but their kits aren't too pricey compared to others anyway! xx