Sunday, 31 August 2014

My August Favourites

I had been looking at reviews for face oils and decided to purchase the Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil for oily or combination skin. At first, it felt very strange applying oil to my already oily skin! However, I cleansed my face as usual before bed then put two to three drops of oil into my palms, warmed it between my hands and used a 'press and release' motion to apply the oil to my face. The oil claims to 'purify, balance and improve skin' while also helping to refine skin texture and minimise pores. This Treatment Oil definitely does what it claims! My skin looks clear and fresh when I wake up and with regular use, helps to minimise those pesky pores. As well as doing amazing things to my skin this oil also smells incredible and thanks to rosemary as one of the ingredients it is very relaxing. This is the first Clarins product I have ever bought and I would definitely consider purchasing more from them despite being quite pricey! The Face Treatment Oil retails at £32.


I have so many lipsticks in all different shades but had yet to find 'that' perfect nude. I love MAC lipsticks so thought I couldn't go wrong with trying a nude from their range and I couldn't have been more right! I opted for MAC Pure Zen which is a cream sheen so glides on smoothly and has a soft finish. What I love about MAC's cream sheen's is that they feel super nourishing too. I think this is the perfect nude shade whether worn with basic make up during the day or to complete a smoky eye at night. MAC lipsticks retail at £15.50 although I got mine slightly cheaper in duty free!

Okay, so I caved in. I got my hands on the Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner! I love the packaging (never not impressed with Benefit) and I just adore the eye liner itself. Before purchasing the eye liner a make up artist in one of the Benefit shops applied it to me for a demo. The was very helpful but her hands stunk of cigarette smoke (ew!!) and the application was pretty dodgy HOWEVER it was all the great reviews I read that made me still purchase it. It's perfect for myself as I am pretty useless at applying gel eye liner but I know with a good few practices the flexible, lash-hugging tip will help me achieve a perfect, elegant look. Also, the gel eye liner is a strong black and is definitely smudge and waterproof. It does exactly what it says on the box and more. The only con I can think of is that it is pretty stubborn to remove. It retails at £18.50.


My two other August favourites are the Sensationail Gel Kit and the Emjoi Micro Pedi. If you haven't already seen my reviews on them you can find the Sensationail review here and my review on the Emjoi Micro here to read all about the products and what I thought about them! Let me know what your favourites this month have been in the comments below!  

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

E.L.F Cosmetics Review

E.L.F Cosmetics recently ran an "#ILoveELFBecause..." competition where you could either tweet, Instagram or even send in a video of why you love E.L.F. I tweeted "#ILoveELFBecause... their products are fab, flawless and friendly (to my purse)" and I was one of the lucky girls who won £10 worth of E.L.F goodies.

The first product I tried out was the Super Glossy Lip Shine in #D21. I normally don't wear lip gloss because I find them too sticky however I was pleasantly surprised with the E.L.F Lip Shine! It didn't feel sticky on my lips at all and was a nice red/brown colour which is also subtle enough for daytime wear. I love that it has a SPF too for that added bit of protection. 5/5


I also received a Liquid Lipstick named Brownie Points. Again, I am pleased with this liquid lipstick, it glides on smoothly and is not sticky either. I love this shade as I think its perfect for daytime or evening wear and is similar to the Super Glossy Lip Shine so would look great with a bit of gloss on top! 5/5

The third product I tested out was the Duo Eye Shadow Cream in Berry Mix. I absolutely love the colours of this cream eye shadow however it did feel very greasy on my eyelids and was shiny. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone who does have excess oil on their lids however it could work well with a decent eyelid primer. I give this a thumbs up for colour but I'm not too keen on the texture! 2/5

E.L.F cosmetics also sent me a Shimmer Pencil in the colour Grassy Green which I was so happy about as I love wearing green eye liner occasionally as it really compliments my green eyes! I found the eye liner really easy to apply and unlike some pencil eye liners, it was also really easy to remove so I didn't have to rub the delicate skin around my eyes too much! I love that the pencil has a slight shimmer too it as well. 4/5

Lastly, I received the E.L.F nail polish in Nude. I haven't tried the nail polish out yet as I currently have a gel manicure but I have heard all good reviews on E.L.F's nail polishes and I love the shade. I'm looking forward to trying it out. 3/5

Below is my finished look with all the products that I received . Overall, I love the products that E.L.F sent me and I think that an E.L.F splurge is definitely well overdue... 

Friday, 8 August 2014

Nailed It!

Hi everyone,

As I am starting a Beauty Therapy course next month I have been looking at LED nail lamps to purchase for both personal use and to treat others to gel manicures. I have read so many great reviews on the Sensationail kits and planned to get one after pay day however I was lucky enough to grab the Deluxe Pink Chiffon Sensationail Starter Kit for £45 instead of the usual price of £69.99. The kit included: 1 x Pink Chiffon gel nail polish 3.69ml, gel primer 3.54ml, base/topcoat 3.69ml, gel cleanser 14.6ml, 12 x lint free wipes, double-sided nail buffer, manicure stick, Pro 3060 LED nail lamp and a how-to booklet.

I was really looking forward to receiving my starter kit and couldn't wait to try it out. As well as purchasing the starter kit, I also purchased three gel colours - Ride the Wave, Rose Gold Glitter and Meteor Shower. (All colours are £12.50 and most you are able to get a free accessory - I got a dotting tool, nail buffer and lint free wipes that are usually £10).

Getting started with the kit couldn't have been easier! The instructions were simple and easy to understand and all I had to do to the lamp was plug it in and turn it on. I first had to file and buff my nails and then wipe them with the gel cleanser and lint free wipes. After I shaped and cleaned my nails I applied the gel primer around the edges to all my nails and let it air dry which simply just makes it easier to remove the gel. Like a normal manicure, I then applied the base coat and cured it under the lamp for 30 secs. I then applied my first coat of colour, cured for 60 secs, applied the second coat and cured for 60 secs once again. After the colour was finished, I applied a topcoat and cured it for 30 secs. Once I had finished my gel manicure, I then used the gel cleanser and lint free wipes on all my nails to remove the layer of moisture and taa daaah... My gel manicure was complete!

I was pleasantly surprised with how hassle free and quick it was to complete a gel manicure. Its great to have a manicure done and completely dry without waking up to smudged nails hours later! Sensationail state that the gel manicures can last for up to 2 weeks and stay chip free. So far, my nails are still in perfect condition and look fab. I can't wait to try out the other colours I purchased and I already have a wishlist for lots of other colours to get! 

I have not yet purchased any of the removal kits from Sensationail which I will do soon, but the gel manicures can also be removed by just soaking them in acetone so I hope they are as easy to remove as they are to put on! 10/10 for Sensationail!

Friday, 1 August 2014

Emjoi Micro Pedi Review

Throughout the Summer, pretty dresses takeover woolly jumpers and sandals replace our big, bulky boots (if its not raining that is...) making women feel great about themselves apart from one problem that makes us wish we'd taken a little more care of - our feet. During the Winter months feet are hidden with sparkly, fluffy socks and boots leaving our tootsies a little TLC-deficient . As soon as the heat starts rising we all scramble for the supposed next-best-foot-tool out there to rid of dry, hard skin.

We've all used the foot scrubbers found in every typical bathroom and exfoliators but they never tend to do much apart from keep our feet feeling soft for a mere few hours. Lately, feet exfoliator tools seem to be the must-have item for any woman wanting good looking feet for her equally good looking sandals. So, I have been trawling the internet and reading through countless reviews until I made the decision to purchase the Emjoi Micro Pedi Unit after reading fantastic reviews about the product from people of all ages. 

The Micro Pedi came with a warranty, an instruction booklet, a replacement roller, a cleaner brush and the Micro Pedi itself. The only thing you need along side the Micro Pedi is two AA batteries that are not included with the purchase. I was pretty impressed with the tool - it is light weight, looks professional and couldn't wait to try it out. 

The tool is extremely easy to use, you turn the base and insert your two batteries, close the base and you're ready to go! There is a protective case over the roller which you remove before use and to use you just need to slide up the button and you're ready to go!

To use the tool, you hold the unit and lightly place it over the area that you wish to be exfoliated. The roller moves backwards and forwards and straight away you can see dead skin being removed. The producers suggest that you do not hold the tool in the same area for too long but it won't do much damage if you do as it is so gentle on the foot. Another note to be made is that you must hold the unit lightly as if it is pressed down onto the skin, it will stop working.

On my first use of the Emjoi Micro Pedi, I used the tool for a few minutes on each foot and I was so impressed with the results almost immediately. My feet have never been in a bad state but like most people, I have dry, hard skin to a certain degree. Due to there not being a 'holder' for the dead skin, I find it best to just prop my foot up on the bath which then allows me to rinse my feet. After my first use, my feet not only looked soft and smooth but felt it too! There is button at the side of the unit which can be pressed to release the roller which can be run under water for 5-8 seconds and it will be clean. The tool itself is water resistant but cannot be submerged into water.

I have continued to use the Emjoi Micro Pedi for a week now and my feet are looking and feeling fab - I cannot recommend this product enough! I bought the Emjoi Micro Pedi Unit from Look Fantastic for £29.95 instead of the usual retail price of £39.95 although this offer has now ended don't let the price put you off as many others are around £40 and this product does wonders.